Exchange Platform

  • Closely cooperated with over 50 SSP and DSP partners globally
  • 100% advanced machine learning algorithm helps us to promote accurate and efficient campaigns.
  • Comprehensive and intelligent user analysis.
  • Provide real-time report from all dimensions to get deep-insight management for your campaigns.

Demand-side Product

The programmatic exchange platform,focusing on providing services to demand-side party,which offers exclusive self-owned Dotc product traffic and other superior traffic auction service for demand-side party.

Predictive Models

Accurately calculate when, where, and whom the ad is suitable for display. Continuously statistic analysis to build up user profile for each campaign. Effectively utilize click, conversion, fill rate and such indexes to increase impressions and campaign output for exercises.

Simple Integration Saving Monetization

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Technical Integration

Advertising Monetization

AD Format

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How to be our demand-side partners?

We welcome to integrate with direct Publishers, Supply-side Platform (SSP), Ad Exchange (ADX),programmatic automation platform (PAP), and other supply partners via OpenRTB, XML feeds, JS Tags integration.

Global Coverage

Third party conversion tracking system